The Legend of Young Singer Official Page

This is the guide and page with behind the scenes info on the Legend of Young Singer.


Young Singer- although off the bat she may seem selfish, Young Singer is selfless and compassionate, and wants to do the best for the world. Her current goal led by her demigod friends, is to find alleged demigod, Happy Starfish, or Destiny Castellan. However, when she sees Arturus needs help, she drops everything and decides to rescue the princess. It’s noted the Young Singer may be a demigod, but it is not known for sure. She is immortal, from the apple she won from Zeus. While others go by their real names, Young Singer only goes by her spirit name. However, it will be revealed in the end.

Maddy- Maddy, aka Super Moon, has been living in the Temple of Hades ever since she can remember. All she knows about her mother is that she didn’t want her, causing a kind of lonely childhood, especially when you’re being raised by Lord of the Dead. She visited Monster Carnival Island during Bird Boy’s time in the town, and it is rumored she had a romantic relationship with him. However, her current love interest is Zane, so we’ll see how that goes.

 Thalia– Lone Melon, or Thalia Love, has a special connection with Apollo, the god of music and light, as well as archery. She is a daughter of Aphrodite, and often plays the part, but is noted to be sometimes a lot kinder, and a lot less flirty. However, by no means is she pro efficient in the matters of love, as she is still working out how to reveal to her crush that she likes him.

Luke– Bronze Lightning, as Luke’s spirit name is, is actually quite apropriate for the son of the Earthshaker. Luke is easygoing and rather lax. However, he does have a temper, and you’d be unwise to forget it. He is the son of  a female pirate from Skullduggery. He has secret feelings for Thalia, but is a bit shy about it.

Zane-  Shy Eagle, or Zane as everyone calls him, is a bit of a stereotypicical hero in some ways. He comes in at the last minute to save the day, however, despite this, Zane doesn’t want to be a hero. What he wants is a good job and a family. Too bad the object of his affections is Maddy, however unwelcome they may be in her world.

Destiny Castellan- Happy Starfish is her spirit name, but Destiny’s not happy with Young Singer’s gang


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